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Asterisk-perl 1.03 was released on 12/12/11. Please let me know if there are any problems.

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asterisk-perl is a collection of perl modules to be used with the Asterisk PBX, an open source pbx system developed by Mark Spencer.

Currently the most used module is Asterisk::AGI which makes writing agi scripts simple. There are a number of example AGI scripts included in asterisk-perl, there is a listing of available examples in the README file.

If you want to write complex AGI scripts in perl, then Asterisk::AGI is for you.

If you come up with an interesting AGI script, send it to me in email and I will include it on this page or within asterisk-perl as an example.

Latest asterisk-perl package can be found here, all files are here
Current asterisk-perl version is 1.03, README, CHANGES

Send your patches to asterisk or asterisk-perl to and I will include them on this page.

Here is my asterisk FAQ.

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